Shadows are lengthening, hydrangers are blooming. 
I like the blue ones best. 
And my blog was mentioned here. how lovely.                    


  1. what are you waiting for? these long legs. and those flowers. i never knew their name. now i do. hydrangers. sweet!
    i am pretending it is almost december. baked gingerbreads and lit a candle this morning. outside it is around 27 degrees. i might be easy to fool, but not that easy...

  2. Oh, the fame, Jasmin. How to deal with the fame.... and those legs. You have everything going for you; even summer around the corner. Last night I had to wear gloves while typing; today I moved my computer to the kitchen wich is comfortably warm. {{{ hugs }}}

  3. Blaue Hortensie, blue hydrangea, pretty in blue. Legs very loooong, wow.
    Warm regards from Ariane.

  4. yes the legs are very long love the foto!


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