Thank you Nadine for choosing this theme for the drawing challenge this week.
Alice Alice Alice.
She has always been dear to my heart.
A girl lost in a confusing Wonderland.
Forever chasing rabbits down holes.
One of my favourite Australian artists (who I chanced upon here) is Charles Blackman.
He has painted dear Alice for most of his life. Examples are above.
And hard to beat in my book.

I like to paint her too.
Perhaps it’s the teapots and cups and the roses and hearts.
Below I have drawn with oil pastel on an old photograph of my daughter.
Sweet dreams.
I’m off to chase rabbits.


another walk

We climbed up high to find flannel flowers.

I have my eye on an embroidered flannel flower cushion from BiLLY.
And we also have a winner for the giveaway posted a couple of weeks ago... X
Visit BiLLY to see the beautiful scarf that they are giving away.


a summer place

sandra dee and troy donahue


so much

 to see and to feel.


a walk


I love you.


Hurry up Ms Summer.
I know that she's your best friend, but can't you tell Miss Spring to move aside.
She is way too flirtatious.
She is teasing us all by lifting her skirts.
But it is making Madame Winter jealously cling on.
Hurry up Ms Summer.

And don't forget the little giveaway from a few posts ago... ;)


If you ask a room full of young children "Who in here is an artist?" - they will all put their hands up.
As they get older, fewer hands will go up.
When asking a room full of adults, maybe one person will put their hand up.

My daughter created a beautiful little book.
These are some of its pages.

Have you heard of the 1000 Journal Project?


good morning




Elk? Antelope? Moose??
What are these fabulous antlered beasts?
I love them.
Enough to rip the biggest poster of them down off this wall.

Please don't forget to comment on yesterday's GIVEAWAY.
I'll leave it going for a week.
It is very easy to comment even if you don't have your own blog.
Good luck x



I helped Al (my friend from the last post) take some pictures in the snow.
She had a bag full of lovely things to play with.
Fabrics and patterns and colours - all borrowed from Nature.
And all beautifully designed over here at BiLLY.
This lush blue silk scarf is looking for a new home.
Please visit BiLLY, leave a comment there and one here too.
I'll let you know if you get lucky ...
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