birthday girl

I turned 45 today.
How did that happen?
This is an old card from my beautiful Step Father, given to me when I was young.
He died 12 years, 9 months and 3 days ago. I miss him so.
My real father was responsible for my Nature.
But Alan was there to Nurture.


  1. happyhappy birthday dear jasmin,
    yes time is running...
    but you don't have to care about that, your are talented, beautiful and part of a wonderful family!
    i wish you all the best, julia

  2. Well honey you look early 30s, true story. And what a doll your stepfather must have been.

    I had to laugh at your reaction though ;) Happy birthday!

  3. Thank you Juliadelight and Emmalicious.
    So much.

  4. Happy birthday to you!
    45? You are kidding me! wow... tell me your secret.

  5. Yes, yes, yes sister (now I will really think of you as being one), I'm up. Or kind of 'up'. (I took a fall down the stairs here; sprained ankle and broken toe; feel like a drunk elephant. Not to worry though, it was my own carelessness - as usual :)

    45 is good; every single year we can add to our records, is good. After all, what's the alternative? And, you look damn good, if I may say so. Hope you feel as good as you look, that's of course the most important after all!
    So very glad to have 'met' you at 44, I will be 42 in January - now we can grow old together!

    And start planning that wedding for real! I don't really believe in coincidents, so I'll try to take the new connection as just another prove of that (although I'm quite excited and can't wait to tell my son). He's been to Mauricius twice with his grandparents and often talks about living there.

    Just a little bit left of your birtday; I'm pretty sure it was a good one! Thanks for sharing Alan, we should all have had a little of his kindness and sense of beauty in our childhood. Lots of love from not-that-far-away :)

  6. Arianelarose - i don't have a secret - perhaps to think like a wise old woman, kiss like a 20 year old and remember the 11 year old in all of us.... i would love to hear other ideas though ......x

    lillipetal - sorry to hear of your fall, but lucky it was just your toe. i do believe in fate, omens and all thing coincidental. i so long to visit Mauricius and the Seychelles to meet all my family. how exciting that we have this tropical connection. so funny. definitely our meeting place.
    and thank you too for mentioning my lovely Alan's name. it helps to keep his beautiful and much loved spirit alive. x

  7. Uhhh, kiss like a 20 year old...I've forgotten, grr....but maybe ....I'll turn 45 one day before next midsummer...so I've got a little bit of time...
    Thank you!!

  8. Happy Birthday Jasmin and I'm quite happy that I'm not the only elderly women here in the blogscene. Haha. That we started our blogs at the same time is really quite amazing, I didn't discovered one before. So lets hope everything will turn out, like we wish and because of your birthday I quess you have at least 3 wishes for free.

  9. Thank you for the nice invitation :)
    Happy birthday, a little late I know but nevertheless - Happy birthday!

  10. We've talked about going there, all together, so many times. The money... the money. Some day, who knows - if we ever go, you better be there! About Alan; it's like they (don't know who 'they' are) say: nobody's really gone until they are forgotten. I sometime pace through cemeteries, whispering the names while I read them... just to keep them 'alive'.

  11. yes shocking isnt it? even worse is 46 with 47 just round the corner eek :0 now I know why 50 something women have radical haircuts or wear strange looking shoes or both.... all of a sudden...... Im feeling an incredible urge to commit a similar act of defiance against my age!

  12. happy birthday by the way and the card and sentiment are beautiful

  13. Oh, he really was a special step dad! We are lucky girls, mine has been responsible for my nurture too - what a lovely way to put it. Briar PS. Um...looking good for 45 too, wow!


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