I found this tapestry in a garage sale.
And I have moved into this bed full time...



I have been quietly obsessed with beautiful Mud Australia products for a while now.
There is a chalky, pastelly, organic simplicity to them.
Their vases are made for fresh daisies. Lemongrass tea needs to pour from their teapots and their bowls filled with ripe lychees and plums.
Beauty and function. Perfect.
Today I found out that I won this photo competition.
I'm chuffed.
I really needed some news to sweeten the start of the week.

Wish I was a food stylist/photographer..... how do you become one of those??


Love and Pain and Beauty

They all seem to go together, like one little tiny confusing package.
It's a messy business, Life.
It's hard to figure and it's full of surprises.
Some good and some bad.

(spoken by the character Chris from Northern Exposure)


Ms Summer.
Where did you go?
We want you.
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