australia day

a kookaburra laughed at me from this tree this morning.


This is my new diary.

We all need a little Orla Kiely in our lives.
Please watch this link for some divine quirky elegance.
It will make you sigh and wish for that wallpaper, those dresses and a whole new life to go with them ;)
(I took these pics off youtube. Hope that's kosher x)



So nice to share a cup of tea this rainy afternoon with sweet Ariane.
I made mine with fresh camomile. 

"Life is short but you're here to flower."


back home

But really, we didn't really need to go anywhere...


thank you!

to lovely alynn :) who sent me a gorgeous gorgeous notebook that she made.
all the way from Singapore. i'm a little scared to write in it.
so clever and sweet and every page has something delicious and beautiful to look at.
please visit her blog. every day she posts what she has had for a 3pm snack.
you will drool over the photos and the food.
:)   :)   :)   :)   :)   :)   :)   :)


summer holiday

We have been away. 
Down the south coast.
Summer is slowly stirring  
The sun is coming out piece by piece     :)


a new year

three days late. 

may birds flutter and sing above you.
may your heartbeats have wings.

i am hoping for so much this year

artwork: david bromley
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