images from the weekend

And many many thanks to all those that come by every day.
I am loving it all. The ripples that are being created.
I appreciate all the wonderful women that comment regularly.
It makes it all worthwhile. xxx


  1. i wonder what came out of those tasty looking tomatoes?
    and is that your daughter with the hat under the tree branches? what a beautiful image.

  2. There's absolutely nothing not to love here; but Gigi and you in the shadowy sun, her glasses tucked away, your new mermaid dress, the peace, the comfort, the likeness, and yet difference... it melts my heart... xox I am glad I can come here...

  3. I love these colours!!!Have a sunny week!

  4. i especially love the peaceful nap with your girl. the light and shadows are dreamy. all very pretty shots.

  5. hi. x
    i am glad that you come here too lilli, so glad, and love the details that you see. same to you rachel. there is nothing like lying under the trees on a hot day.
    leena and barbara - nice to see you again.
    emma and sara, those tomatoes sizzling from the oven, looking like flowers, were roasted to make a tomato sauce to pour over home made fettucine. and sara - she is my boyfriend's daughter Sarah - i have yet to write about her and her twin sister, who features here:

  6. Hello Jamin,
    love that technicolour pics....seems like holiday...picnic under the trees, some work at graphics, time with daughter...so beautiful. Congrats from the other side of mother earth. Ariane.

  7. Hey, look at this row of comments; it's the same girls circling from country to country, blog to blog... love it (!!!)


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