I've got a thing for little red riding hood.
And the big bad wolf.
As you can see here and here.
These are drying but will be in the shop tomorrow.


feather my nest

This kookaburra woke us up. Can you see him? Sitting in the old gum tree .....
This oil print still for sale in my shop.
Afternoon sun, after the rain. Hand shadows like a black cockatoo. 
Matt's pineapple cake and creamy chaicinno.

Drawing Challenge: I think that I am hosting this week.
With the word...... TAIL.
All new drawers welcome. Let me know before Saturday if you are in and inspired by the word. X



Beautiful paper that I bought in Japan last year.

Visit sweet Stephanie for more blossoming blooms.


one loaf of bread

Healthy? yes.
Delicious? yes.
Obsessive? a little :)



.... is for a Blue Biro and some Blind drawing.
The best drawing advice that I was given at school was to "just draw what you see without looking at the paper". 
Nadine is our drawing challenge host this week.
Please visit her place to see what other letters of the alphabet have inspired.


A beautiful new pair of socks. I keep staring at them.
So happy they made it here safely from Japan a week or so ago.
Carried by Matt.
You might remember that I was waiting for him here.
(just so you all know, i try and answer most comments, if you have left one over the last few days....)



Old books and a new idea hatching for me...
This morning was noisy out on the balcony. A crowing currawong in the tree, can you see him here?
A clutch of cockatoos. A gathering of kookaburras. Last year a baby pigeon hatched out here.
Not bad for a tiny balcony in a big city.
It seems that I like birds so much more than I thought.
Please visit my new etsy shop to see.
Many thanks to the eloquent Elisabeth for this week's ornithological word.
Please fly over to her place for more bird watching.


The Great Wave

As predicted by Japanese artist Hokusai in 1830.



waiting, wondering, sighing, indulging, trying, sorting, pondering, lingering, remembering, worrying, streamlining, wanting.


open doors

I finally did it.
I opened my etsy shop today.
I'm excited. I am selling original oil monoprints.
My pictures are fluttering around in cyberspace looking for warm homes.
Please take a visit and tell me what you think.



The drawing challenge this week is hosted by the sweet and funky Rachel.
She is living in New Orleans at the moment.
A place that I have never been to - but I am sure I would feel right at home.
I drew on some photos on my phone screen - so they are very rough.
Unseen rhythm - in our earphones, coming out of the soles of our feet, coming out of us, filling up the city.
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