a few months ago I won this Mud Australia competition.
since then they asked me to contribute images for their new catalogue.
the brief was to make inspiration moodboards which represented all the colours in their product range.
colours with great names like - slate, wasabi, pistachio, milk, ocean.
what fun.

many photos from this blog feature in it.
so throughout the catalogue are pics of my time spent in new york and tokyo, there are snippets of my home, our dinners, our holidays at the beach and in the snow. some of my drawings too.
snatches of life and memories and bits of string and feathers and collected bits and bobs.
the stylist on the day was the divine emma knowles.
please look at this link to see the finished work.

and thank you for all your lovely comments xx



so, I moved.
from one great beach in Sydney to another one just as good.
I have moved an hour from the city.
to live on a hill near the sea.
and I'm so glad that I did.
we are slowly, slowly renovating.
bringing this house back to life with our love.
things still need to come out of boxes and so much needs to be done.

but it is nice.
and I have home love.


(that light fitting has to go!)
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