breakfast with my next door neighbor

She is french. And has some nice french magazines.


images from the weekend

I think that I much prefer the week between xmas and new year.


I'm so glad that I started this blog. I really am.
It has become a place to share, and to make friends.
A lovely way to end the day.
For me it is a source of inspiration and also a celebration - of Life and it's details.

I see that Sara joined me for cybertea yesterday. Her place is always worth a visit.


tea for two

Is it really xmas in four days time?



These bodum thermal glasses (discovered in new york) are just as good for tea as they are for G and T's.


rainy day

Coconut macaroon, ginger cardamom chai, and I happened to look up from my desk.


If you feel like seeing some beautiful paintings visit Julia
She lives far away but we share the same moon.


images from the weekend

Hello. In yesterday's comments i was asked what it's like to have Xmas in summer.
As much as I would love to experience a few white snowy ones in my lifetime, Xmas to me means hot weather. It means sand and mangoes and pretty dresses and summer holidays.
And I have always found it strange and rather silly that in Australia we decorate with pine trees and snowflakes and santa sweats it out in a big red suit. We still eat stuffed turkey and ham and pudding with hot brandy sauce. Strange but still nice and the leftovers are great for picnics at the beach!
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