palm trees. fresh berries. great buildings. brightly coloured flowers.

I really like L.A


here I am
inspired by my friend Patrice
and always by ANY words that Berkoff chooses to spill onto the page
words and pictures
words and pictures

the reason we all blog
(and why I should more often, sigh)

not my own drawings - but I am flying out the door to catch a plane tomorrow
can you guess where to...?


one hundred

new year's resolutions
return to blogging regularly
and eat more fish.
so far so good with the seafood.
and 7 days into this year is not so bad seeing as I have been slacker than slack around here lately.

(thanks for the lovely comments on my last post - I have answered you all there x)

I bought this camera for $5 last week at a garage sale.
it's a beauty.
google assures me that it isn't worth very much despite its retro good looks.
however it also tells me that the date it was made is written on it.
and there it is!
100 years old today.
unbelievable, sweet and true
and this is a bug on my wall
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