I used some paint colour swatches from the hardware store.
I collect them every time I go in there.
I'm not painting a house.
But I hope one day that I do paint my own home.
And plant my own garden ......
(thanks to Stephanie for hosting the drawing challenge this week x)


style bunnies

A day shopping with 12 year olds.
Fun. Funny. Exhausting.
Plus we discovered the tres glam Fifi Lapin.


daily harvest

My boyfriend has a green thumb.


paper doll

It was time for the xmas snowflakes to come down.
And also to take part in Elisabeth's drawing challenge.


images from the weekend

We had a garage sale at a friend's house. In the heat.
I didn't sell much. But I did get rid of all of my junk.
And we all swapped clothes like teenagers.
It's a great feeling. To sort through piles, declutter and simplify.
Artwork here by my friend. I LOVE the large owl made out of pencil shavings. 
Very clever.


So nice to finish the day in the sea. 
Chasing big blue fish, so tame they let you pat them.


Afternoon tea and a beautiful old book.

And a surprising and lovely mention here!
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