ballet russes

I love ballet. I love this company.
I loved looking through this book.
Oh for a time when a ballet company hired artists like Picasso, Matisse and Coco Chanel to design their sets and costumes. And also one of my absolute favourite Australian artists Sidney Nolan.
For more delicious images and designs.



Listen to the birds.
They can hear the trees.
Listen to me. Whispering.
I will tell you soft butterflies.
Ones that last longer than a day.

These are hand printed monoprints, done with oil paint.
They are drying as we speak.
All for my etsy shop.

Please visit my cherished bloggie friends for more whispers....
And new this week: Patrice, Char and Julia.
Most are on the other side of the world - so they won't post their drawings until tomorrow australian time.



I just love these cows that Gigi drew when she was 6 years old.
Look at their eyes and noses. And that udder.
Visit Fine Little Day to see it there too - Elisabeth is collecting children's art.



Bali, Tokyo, New York.
How I long to visit you all again.



Almonds, blueberries, nectarines, a tin plate from bali, a table restored by my late father, a rabbit made by my daughter, a pile of magazines, a leather handbag bought at a garage sale....
And a very exciting find - the rest of this japanese tea set found on the weekend at a country op shop.
I already had one piece of it - seen in this post.


morning on the couch

I'd like to host this week's drawing challenge with the word 'whisper'.
Let me know who is in.
Any new drawers out there.....?



The drawing challenge is hosted by Helen this week.
I have cheated.
This is a digitally created patchwork of some of Gigi's drawings from when she was 2 years old.
Look at the use of colour, the squiggles and shapes.
The freedom and confidence!
I am slowly but surely scanning all of her art work into the computer. Chronologically. 12 years of it.
A labour of love.



This is where you go for a seriously good one.
Always worth going into the middle of town for.
It is hard to get up off the chair afterwards though.



for my valentine

I like you early in the morning and deep in the night x



The drawing challenge this week is hosted by helen.
'Sky' is our chosen theme. 
I contemplated using charcoal coloured ink for the sky. 
Or deep red or even yellow
But i kept coming back to this blue. I just love it and printing with it is a dream.
I haven't actually taken photos of the finished prints.
I think that they are going to find themselves in my soon-to-be-open-and-the-one-that-i-keep-saying-i-will-open-shop.........


doll face

I spotted these girls from across the road today.
Instant fashion shoot.

(And I am feeling a lot better. Thank you all for the lovely comments.)
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