The Bride this weekend has a similar flower inked to her body as the ones in my monoprint here.

My lovely friend Julia has hosted this week's drawing challenge.
You MUST visit her blog to see the most exquisite paintings - showgirls standing on the heads of walruses, fractured fairy tale imagery, bright reds and peppermint greens with translucent whites. Figures, animals, trees and patterns. I love her work.


Still away up north.
Having good food. Lots of tea.
And preparing for a friend's wedding.


I am about to get into this bed. Doesn't it look just made for sweet dreams?
We are in Queensland, visiting friends. 
They sold this house today, so I am glad to be here one more time. 
We collected herbs and vegies from the garden for dinner, walked to the beach and hung out with my favourite pussycat, who is more like a dog than a cat, but so like a cat :)))))



It seems that we all want a pair of our own.
Literally - to fly to places that we dream of, without having to just dream.
Figuratively - to soar, in all sorts of ways, in our minds, goals and hearts.
If you had wings you could glide, drift, show off, fly away...
Funnily, I think of blogging like flying a little bit. A way to travel in and out of the lives of others, through their open windows to settle there for a moment, unfurl my wings, collect pollen and look for the next flower.
We are all bees and butterflies, birds and secret angels.
Here is a list of more wonderful winged creatures: Patrice, Ariane, Rachel, Nadine, Renilde, Julia, Maria. Please visit them, they are a talented and thoughtful flock. I have been lifted up by their winged art! Let me know if you want to be added to the list.
Above are cicada wings collected at christmas and some details of some of my prints. This is a work in progress, I have more wingy things that I want to draw, but the weekend came and made me lazy and inspired all at once.... x


drawing this week

Cicadas. I love them.
They sleep in the ground all year and emerge when it's hot and sing to us all through summer.

Anyone else interested in joining the Drawing Challenge this week?
Let me know if you would like to participate.
The subject is WINGS. . . will yours be feathered, transparent or falling from heaven perhaps...?



I sat in this tree only a few weeks ago here
When Mrs Autumn was busy dressing the land in her bright tweeds and earthy plaids.
Before the snow fell and Madame Winter put on her white fur coat and started to blow in our ears with icy whispers. Making us forget Ms Summer and long for Miss Spring.
Speaking of which, I am about to receive my Grandmother's silver fox fur cape.
Then I can compete with Madame Winter. Perhaps ask her in for a glass of whiskey by the fire and compare diamonds.



This is the first time that I have seen snow falling.
So pretty. It is hard not to smile.



I have been away, high in the mountains, in the snow.
Finding the balance between city life and Nature.
Internet. No internet.
I quickly drew this on the frosted glass this morning when I woke up.
The Balancing Act of Life. 
Sometimes heartbreakingly hard - sometimes simple and effortless.
This week's drawing challenge is hosted by our dear dear Ariane.
(I think I am host for the next one.... what about WINGS)

Thank you too for all the beautiful comments on my last post. x


time 8

Where did the last 13 years go?
Happy Birthday my darling girl.
Soul. Heart. Wings.
(both photos not taken by me)



... all the way from Germany!
From lovelier than lovely Ariane!! what a surprise, thank you Ariane.
Look at how pretty they are. And they smell like sweet roses, just like you imagine they would if you knew Ariane and her blog. In fact it is like her blog has suddenly become three dimensional.

I have a growing list of wonderful women that I would like to send things to...



It's getting cold here. Snow is falling on the mountains.
And on my television.
I have been curling up with these books.


everyday life

The drawing challenge this week is hosted by the ever ebullient elisabeth.
She is responsible for these weekly drawing meets in cyber space. We are all grateful to her for this. 
A weekly routine which keeps a few us connected in our every day imaginations.
We should all welcome more art and connectedness into our everydaybusylives.

This is a water colour collage of a werewolf and his wife. a cup of tea. the newspaper. and the moon.
Calm before the storm. The every day, but with secrets. This is a theme I want to explore more.
Every day.


time 7

Old polaroids.
My mother, my daughter and I.
Stella, Gigi, Jasmin.
We are from the same tree but have flowered in very different ways.



I've been collecting them.
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