in memorium

Australian female artist, Margaret Olley, died today, after living for 88 colourful years.
It seems like many prolific artists live long, ripe lives.
I think it is because they are always doing what they love.



and what a sexy one.
Here captured in all it's iconic-ness in the opening credits of Sex And The City.
Which itself, became a nostalgic ode to the city that never sleeps.
I love New York City.
I have only been there once but I know that I should have been brought up there.
For many reasons.
I took these pictures of the tv screen the other night.
I've started doing that ........ 
13 years since it was first aired and the show still fares pretty well.
Though I thought that the films were shithouse.
A few blog posts ago I took photos of The Wizard of Oz
Doesn't Carrie here remind you of Dorothy? On her way to the Emerald City .....
Please visit the remarkable Rachel who lives in L.A. - though she visits many cities...


winter flowers

For you.
You (all) know who you are.
My neglected blog friends who I need to give some attention to.


thank you

for the nice afternoon ...



By Chagall. And Matisse too. Clouds in my tea cup.
The Drawing Challenge this week is hosted by Nadine, who seems to always have her head in the clouds, but her feet nicely wedged in the earth.



to do. to collect. to complete. to plan. to clean. to chuck. to want.



I didn't know that we had foxes in the city...
oh my.



I am so inspired by the divine Julia's choice of word for the drawing challenge.
Monster - I can't help thinking of black inky mess and dark smudged charcoal.

But I am too busy keeping the wolves from the door this week ......


lions and tigers and bears.

oh my.
It does take heart, brains and courage to get up that yellow brick road doesn't it?

(I took these shots of my tv :)



I am having trouble with Blogger.
Is anyone else?
And I am having trouble catching up with all the lovely blogs out there.
Is anyone else??
Plus my computer's belly is way too full.
I have 20,643 photos on here that I need to do something about.



My friend got married. Beautifully.

And my blog has been a bit sick.
But we're back :)
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