images from the weekend


  1. Oh, how cute...who is the baby?
    And the tree, Jasmin, is he standing in a park? It's fun for younger and older people to climbe on tree like a monkey...as for kids and...me!

  2. Love that bottom photo - it has a cool 70s vibe!

  3. looks like a fine weekend.
    the wheel (how are they called again in english?) reminds me the book sputnik sweetheart by haruki murakami. did you read any of his books?

  4. my daughter would do anything to climb that tree! looks like a beautiful weekend.

  5. I loved climbing trees when I was a kid, I was like a monkey! Too scared of heights now ..

    The first pic is my favourite (although I can't go past a cute baby to be honest)

  6. You look like true tree-people; like you all live in that tree and nothing could be more natural...
    Climbing the tallest trees used to be my number one choice of activity as a kid; great way to impress the other kids :)
    (Btw, -22 outside now, ice on inside of the windowses :)

  7. hello everyone - so nice to see your names appear here - yes we were like monkeys up a tree - the adults and the kids, all at a birthday party - each photo has more people up the tree and less on the ground - reminds me of my childhood too, so yes, a very 70's feel.
    That is Baby Tia - she is turning 1, it was her party.
    Sara - it is a Ferris Wheel - I just love them - i will definitely look up that book!


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