It's raining outside.
Inside too. Violins in my heart.


Shadows are lengthening, hydrangers are blooming. 
I like the blue ones best. 
And my blog was mentioned here. how lovely.                    


I started reading this book years ago. It's about Africa and Italy and Family and Love.
I'm going to finish it this summer.
I need to read more. again.
Gigi must have put this drawing inside the cover when she was very young.
I really like this family tree. There is a Gigi in it, named after her granmama Giselle.
Like my family.



Start a blog and the world could be your oyster. Literally.
Today I received these divine pearl earrings from the very lovely and generously thoughtful Rachel.
All the way from the United States. So so so kind of you Rachel.
And a sweet handmade purse with a piece of glass from the sea.
Thank you. From the bottom of my pearl loving heart. x


time 4

I painted this photo of gigi when she was 2 years old.
And I just found this photo that my mother's father painted of her.
Look at their eyes.


Nearly there. I am gearing up to open my online shop.
Maybe in another week. I'm excited.
I will be selling original prints and collages. 


gigi dances to the radio

I'm so proud of you Bunny.
Dare to Dream.
love mama


images from the weekend

And many many thanks to all those that come by every day.
I am loving it all. The ripples that are being created.
I appreciate all the wonderful women that comment regularly.
It makes it all worthwhile. xxx


We went to Sculpture By The Sea last night.
Which I look forward to every year.
But between the rain and the wind and somehow feeling very caught in the middle between my mother and my daughter I only managed to take one photo of the sculptures.
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