life cycle

Those chickens, these eggs, this breakfast.


  1. I'm still up; working in my little office. While it's night here, snowing outside, you're picking eggs, having breakfast. That's also some kind of cycle... Not to forget the most beautiful 'breakfast photographs' I have ever seen. Life at 45 looks goooood! Squeeze Gigi!

  2. hello! .... perhaps your sore toe is keeping you up.
    actually i got the eggs on sunday from my friends' chooks. but cooked them up this morning. delicious. nothing like poached egg on sour dough. snowing, how lovely.... as i get our flippers and goggles out of boxes.....and i am still smiling about our island connections.

  3. Hello Jasmin,
    delicious pictures!
    And: your - Lillis and yours - connection is very special, in a magic way! I become a gooseflash...

  4. Oh, Jasmin, I'm sorry about my english...Gooseflesh is the right word? When I read about Lilli and yours connection, I got goose pimples. You know what I mean?

  5. so sweet ! hens are beautiful :)

  6. hi jasmin thanks for your comment ...those eggs look delicious. Lucky you :)


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