Making a curry for dinner.


  1. Curry is never wrong; I'm sure it was yummy! We had pasta Alfredo... that's never wrong either, just... all the cream and butter always makes me a bit...full :) (Ah, this was a really meaningless comment :)

  2. First of all, beautiful photo of your dinner prep, and the blog as a whole i think is wonderful. you have a fun spirit and a great sense of humor.
    thanks for introducing yourself via happy panda. it looks like the earrings will be yours...i havent had another comment with interest in the giveaway. i'll give it till the morning like i promised.
    i made it a little easier to find our way to my shop on my blog. there's a link now right below the blog title. i'm officially on "vacation" till the end of the year, but will be back with new dolls on januaray 1st!
    again, i love your blog and you look beautiful at 45.

  3. Yum, love curry - is it vegie?

    Beautiful pic too.

  4. okay that incredible foto is making me hungry for curry I love the intensity of the pic.

  5. what a beautiful birthday girl you are! happy birthday!
    and two connections,
    today, our chickens eggs went straight into our brunch omelet. and last night, we had thai curry for dinner. real spicy. yum yum. food is life. life is good. so often.

  6. what lovely wordy (hungry) visitors you all are.
    lilli - creamy wintery pasta - yum - now go to sleep.
    rachel - it is greatly wonderful to meet you - and thank you ;)
    emma - potato and lamb curry - shhh - sorry to all vegoes - and you are a blonde - for some reason i pictured brunette - you look a little lillyish.
    helen - hi - i've been eating the same curry now for 3 days - so good.
    sara - spice makes the world turn - as do pirouettes and gypsy spirits.

  7. Poor Emma being called 'lillyish' :)


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