there are a lot of people doing the 'drawing challenge' this week.
nadine's choice of butterfly as a theme is a popular one.
for me, butterflies symbolize fragile beauty and change.
and perhaps too the crazy flight a teenage girl takes, from flower to flower, as she metamorphs into the woman she will become... i am sharing my space with a few of them at the moment!
i screenprinted Hormonal Girl here in this lovely little studio.
lucky to be invited to spend sunday here.
(studio and artwork created by jools)


This is a beautiful interiors book.
I love the eastern way of incorporating the 5 elements into their homes.
air, earth, wood, fire, water.
Utilizing space and light, living with nature, organic materials, things made in a kiln, baked from mud, carved from bamboo...


Craving yum cha and coconut mango pudding...



On the subject of gardening.
I bought this lovely little book from amazon for 11 cents.
Derek Jarman's Garden is about a dying man creating an exquisite oasis around his home in the middle of dead land.
I love the dessert flowers and succulents and the rusted sculptural bits and pieces found in the sea and made from old gardening tools.
Have a look at this amazing garden.


we bought a house

yes we did!
which means that we also bought a garden!!
i've never owned a garden before.
i'm too excited to count the gum trees.
we move into the house in a few weeks time.

i'm looking forward to throwing open the windows,
listening to the trees and letting my life bloom.
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