A lovely afternoon.
And some nice windows around Sydney to peer into.
Interesting design to be found inside.
For some more window shopping please visit the lovely:
Ariane, Nadine, Julia, Elisabeth, Mano and perhaps Stephanie.

Can you see me in the last picture? Looking out of one window into another.
With a big juicy red heart surrounding me.

I just added some links for the above:
That glorious moon and vintage eye charts from David Met Nicole.
Whimsical art by Swedish artist Anneli Olander.
Deus a clothes shop, surf shop, restaurant, bike workshop and total altar to all things hornily masculine.



Elisabeth's choice of word for this week's drawing challenge, monkey, has reminded me of just how much i love films about apes. Particularly when they are wreaking havoc on New York City.

And this here, the final scene in the original Planet Of The Apes, even 43 years on, 
remains as a brilliant example of cinematic iconography. I watched it several times today.
Chilling, simple, poignant.

I will be hosting this weekend's drawing. 
hmmmm .... what about ...... WINDOW .....


time 9

Following on from the last post, this is me when I was 18.
Not too scary for the 80's.
And if you look closely you might see my wings.
Though, at the time, I don't think that I knew I had them...



I have known this fabulous girl from the day she was born.
My dear friend's daughter.
8 in the first photo and now 10 years later.
Oh to be 18 with your wings still drying behind you.
With so many roses ahead.
(visit Ariane the butterfly for more drawing metamorphosis)



I'm addicted.
Sweetly addicted to Pinterest.
Click on the link if you dare.


ease on down the road

Three posts ago I said that Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City reminded me a lot of Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz (11 posts ago) and her New Yorkian search for something bigger than her.
Today I remembered this fabulous film clip from The Wiz where a joyous skinny legged Diana Ross dances down the yellow brick road towards five Chrysler buildings with a young (black and brilliant) Michael Jackson as the Scarecrow.
Please take a look. Great song. Great lyrics.
I love how most of it is a long shot and also the back view of them.

There's no place like New York ;)


ciao bellas

I have had my skates on - literally and figuratively.
Busy with a few things.
Are there any rollerbladers out there? With an old dusty pair lying around somewhere.
Listen to me.
Put them on.
Your spirit will thank you.
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