gigi dances to the radio

I'm so proud of you Bunny.
Dare to Dream.
love mama


  1. I like the blury photos with its pink tone it fits to "Swanlike" Dancing

  2. oh what a heartbreaking, unprotectedly neck!

  3. Dreams come true every now and then: my dancing daughter is studying now to became a contemporary/jazz/ballet dancer (and teacher ) She is working hard with passion and I am also so proud of her. :)
    ps. Lovely pictures again!

  4. these photographs are adorable! I wish her all the best in dance. your blog is so lovely, I just wanted to say hello and maybe we could follow each other :)

    - the runaway

  5. dream and dance, dance and dream...
    so important and beautiful that you support and encourage her!

    i connect to this post very much!

  6. Wonderful! Adorable daughter, so lovely hairstyle...dancing with grace.

  7. hello everyone. nice to see you. i sense that ballet and dance touches a lot of people. it is a big part of our lives and always has been. so happy to share some of it here.
    sara - i actually thought of you here - and wndered when you started dancing and was it in Sweden?
    leena - nice to hear about your dancing daughter.
    'runaway' - good to meet you - i look forward to visiting you in cyberparis soon.
    barbarajuliaariane - Hallo und vielen Dank!


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