birthday boy

Make a wish ... and include me.      x


  1. Oh, yes, I can see it clearly now; the clan of the wolves... not only in Norway. The two of us, the 'sister-flowers', are so very lucky indeed! Our very best wishes... that includes you!

    The son only Gig(i)led when he read the comments... might be a good sign. And you are very observant; although my 'wolf' is very much a father and has been for years, his biological father is someone else. His grandfather is from Mauricius, but has lived here for more than 40 years.

  2. enjoying your desk and the story of your grandfather and homemade ravioli and birthday wishes. all on a distance.

  3. Sara - i have been enjoying your travels through your days too. you are always welcome. collect lilli on your way. i'll put the earl grey on.

    lilliiiiiiiiii - haha yes - i have a thing for wolves.
    now listen to this - i couldn't believe reading your comment that your son's grandfather is from the same place as my grandmother - she is actually from the seychelles but that is the sister island to mauricius - they speak the same language - and i have many relatives from both places. i was so excited to read this! The Prince looks like all my cousins. Perhaps an arranged marriage would make sense! and perhaps we are more related/connected than we think. fun to think about.... x


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