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hip hip hooray for two great girls born on the same day
11 wishes each

a year from here



 Oh Rachel, I didn't have time to draw a bike (maybe tomorrow) but everyone around me bought new ones today! I have my eye on a cute little pistachio coloured one... ;)


time 9

I met up with my childhood friend. Tracy.
She found me here on this blog even though she only lives up the hill from me.
It was lovely, after many many years of not knowing each other.
We have a shared history that you can only have with somebody you have known as a child and as a teenager.
Particularly because we are both only children.
Thank you for the tea and spice cake and for remembering stuff about me.

(on the subject of time passing i have added a picture to this recent post)


She had dropped her basket.
And lost her way.
But she was an optimist despite the wolves at her heels.
She just had to trust her instincts once more.
Feel the earth under her feet.
And find Home.


Back from the pretty spring snow
*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *



 I need the same amount of it that i've been having with eggs lately :)




10 years later and it is just as hard to comprehend.
It is still crushing.
And the world is still deeply bruised.

Contributing today:
Ariane, Rachel, Renilde, Nadine, Elisabeth, Stephanie.


stained glass

For Nadine's theme this week I couldn't go past these amazingly beautiful images taken with the Hubble Telescope. Just look at what happens out there in deep space. Translucent like stained glass. Is this Heaven? All that beauty would be wasted if nobody saw it. Maybe we're not the only ones watching...

I am hosting this weekend as our thoughts and hearts turn once again to 9/11.
Please let me know if you will be joining us with this theme.


first day of spring


and it is also a year and 4 days since I started this blog.
the time between Springs has flown by.
i can't think of life without this little space that is all mine.
and i can't thank you enough for all the love that comes this way.
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