My daughter did this drawing today.
She loves the same things I do.
Dance, Art, Writing.
She will be much better at them all than me.

Which is the way it should be.


Such a great place to visit.
It is also home of the Australian Ballet.
This is a rare glimpse inside.
A joy and a privilege. 


Strangely, wonderfully, serendipitously, after posting this a week ago.

I met him.
My daughter and I went to this gallery and there he was. Sitting amongst his beautiful work.
A little loopy, but still full of charm. Holding court with some lovely women.
We had him all to ourselves.
And then.
Before we left.
I found this drawing.
And we chatted a little about it.

This red dot says it belongs to me.


"Sometimes I believe in as many as six impossible things before breakfast."
(Alice Kingsleigh)


It will be here soon. 
Can't wait.


(and look what Julia posted for me!)


Drawing on paper is one thing.
But how did this girl do this in a cafe today??


Inside here for a lot of the day. 
Sorting through old photos and drawings, bits of paper.
This beautiful flowery paper came back from Japan with me.
I need to put it to good use.

Hey this blog is nearly a month old.
How did that happen?
Maybe I should tell my friends...



A drypoint mermaid. Soon in my shop.
Inspired by another australian favorite of mine.

These are images from a lovely animated film clip.
The Wealthiest Queen by australian duo Luluc.
I have really only just discovered them.

"Still, as I lie here, on my back, in the sea, looking up, I'm as wealthy as a queen."
(Zoe Randell - Luluc)


Breakfast. And some images by one of my favorite australian artists.
He has a thing for Alice too.

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