I've got a thing for little red riding hood.
And the big bad wolf.
As you can see here and here.
These are drying but will be in the shop tomorrow.


  1. Beautiful jasmin, i like your style.

  2. Powerful picture, Jasmin, love it! Maybe, you can catch a snow grousefrom the woods...
    x Ariane.

  3. I LOVE IT!!! what a red!
    ok dear mermaid, i'm in!
    thank you for your lovely, warm comment, i'll keep this happy making time deep in my heart!
    big hug, julia

  4. stunning... i like them together like so, tiny museum of little red riding hoods... i also love the inked plate itself.
    ps - i am a soft woolf... ;)

  5. Yes, we're all out looking for Lilli. She's out there somewhere in the Nowegian woods and I hope she's fine. I hope she hears our thoughts.

    I'm in for tomorrow. 'Tail' it is. Definitely. I hope I'll wake up with a picture in my head!

  6. Hello again Renilde! Thank you....

    So glad you are in JuliaSiren.

    Soft Woolf Nadine, I like the idea of a red riding hood museum. And yes there is something special about an inked up plate.

    Ariane... snowgrouse? ... maybe a dingo.

    Elisabethe - lilli has disappeared with little red - i hope she is safe in the woods. sigh.


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