waiting, wondering, sighing, indulging, trying, sorting, pondering, lingering, remembering, worrying, streamlining, wanting.


  1. list....
    making them all the time, but they don not give me more time....


    (p.s. the sketches of my birds I made a long time ago, so I am not quick at all! Saturday I will post something I also made sometime ago, but still like very much....)

  2. Dear Jasmin,
    Honey - sounds like you be in your head? What about 'two shoes'... maybe dancing...
    Looks delicious your brekky.
    x Ariane.

  3. 11 out of 12 check.
    was this all experienced during that yummy looking plate of figs and yoghurt? or is this where you are these days in general?

  4. my dear beautiful mermaid, i am so with you and all this words....
    and i'm very very proud because you made it and have your etsy shop now!! just great!
    much love, julia

  5. I could have written that list. Adding laughing, now and then.

  6. And I found all those birds. How come all our themes roll around like this. I believe it's a positive sign of human likeness :)

  7. This list was my general state a few days ago Sarah. The weekend has now washed over those feelings. Who knows what Monday will bring... Perhaps more lists Patrice? Yes Ariane, dancing fixes everything for sure. And so does a bowl of figs, almonds and apricots.
    Elisabeth, it keeps amazing me how similar our thought patterns have been. Can't wait to see more.
    Julia, my mersister, thank you and our moons must be lining up again!


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