.... is for a Blue Biro and some Blind drawing.
The best drawing advice that I was given at school was to "just draw what you see without looking at the paper". 
Nadine is our drawing challenge host this week.
Please visit her place to see what other letters of the alphabet have inspired.


  1. Hi jasmin...I´m very glad about your lovely comment. Thank you!

    Yes...owls, deers, faces...on old paper. My central themes too.

    Love your ART...and Blind drawings....tatjana

  2. jasmin! i love a good piece of advice, like yours. uncanny though too.
    in photography we were taught never to consider 'making' a photo after making it. that was in analog times, but i do it with digital too. well, it actually isn't the same as to what you're saying, but the advice though...
    great blinds, great, great blinds!
    power to the biro too!

  3. dear Jasmin
    LOVE your drawings!
    did that too at Artschool
    it made my lines so much better!
    also best lesson I ever did with my students
    great fun

    to be
    thought about that
    but it turned into an O....


  4. Dear Jasmin,
    beautiful 'B'!
    So you have a look in the mirror and draw? Or you take a pic with your phone? When I drew like that (20 years ago...), I had a partner in front of me. I remember its a little bit of loosing control, very exciting!

    I love your brave line!
    x Ariane.

    Wish, I would be on your walk of relish, too...

  5. Oh, thank you, dear Jasmin ...its a honor.
    Many stamps are waiting for a trip to Australia...and one or two doily, too...
    x Ariane

  6. my beautiful mermaid, love your blind drawings!
    xoxo, julia

  7. i used to love blind drawing. there is something so fantastic about the results! fun!
    B is for Beautiful girls.

  8. gorgeous woman, gorgeous daughter! lovely series. blind drawing is a nice idea. wish i was better at drawing in general. your pigtails are so sweet!

  9. Welcome Tatjana! welcome welcome....

    It really is an easy and very freeing exercise. You should try it Nadine. And Sara - maybe it would help you draw! try it!!

    I need to visit everyone else's drawings (i'm still catching up with the birds!) Rachel and Patrice I'll be over soon.

    Julia - will you be drawing blossoms for us this week?? Hosted by lovely Stephanie.

    Ariane - I'm excited. I need to really sort through all my stamps! I can't believe that you were not on my relish list - makes me think that I need to freshen things up. xx

  10. you are ok?

    take care
    I am enjoying the sun
    wich is finally here



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