A beautiful new pair of socks. I keep staring at them.
So happy they made it here safely from Japan a week or so ago.
Carried by Matt.
You might remember that I was waiting for him here.
(just so you all know, i try and answer most comments, if you have left one over the last few days....)


  1. Thats one safe return to be thankful for. And I love your socks.
    Hug your Matt!

  2. life can change so quickly.
    happily he returned indeed.

    i have a small collection of those toe socks too. love them. these are extraordinary pretty with the owl. wise owl.

  3. dear mermaid, just want to send you a big hug, your mermaid sister

  4. I don't know anyone else that actually wears these socks. except for you Sara. And me. I love them too. And I love Japan. It will take so long for her to heal.

    Thanks for the hugs Rachel and Juliamaid.
    Lovely dreams to you all.


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