one loaf of bread

Healthy? yes.
Delicious? yes.
Obsessive? a little :)


  1. and beautiful
    i could eat the photos too :)

  2. dear Jasmin,

    thanks for all your lovely comments!!

    and yes
    I will visit Ritva!
    she is one of my favorites
    she makes a magical world

    but first of all
    I will see and be with my brother

    the pigeon is stretching her wings
    but can not fly yet
    because, where too?....


    P.S. the bread leafs looks wonderful!

  3. mmmmm, you have a thing for sandwiches? the other day we fantasized about this sandwich bar of ours. it will have all sorts of sandwiches with our favorite things on them.

    which one is your favorite? can you list what's on them?

    p.s i am also in that obsessive club

  4. i love your heart sammies! i added you on the drawing challenge...oopsie! delicious grown herbs and veggies count as blossoms right?
    now im hungry!

  5. Ritva - I could eat you up!

    Patrice - I can't wait to hear of your adventures with the luminous Ritva. Although I might have eaten her up by then :)) I need to send you the pigeon's new homing address....

    Stephanie... i'll have my own blossoms soon...

    Delicious Sara - Remember my first comment to you was that I thought your blog was like a big hearty sandwich on rye bread? :))))))
    It still is. And it doesn't surprise me that we are both sandwich girls. What I love on mine at the moment is peanut butter and fig and ginger jam.Or fetta and cucumber. And avocados are lush at the moment and tomatoes. And home grown sprouts for a bit of hippy-ness.

  6. you are SO reminding me of a healthy life.
    thxs for offering me the zest, now for the zing on my account...
    oi, oi.

  7. i DO remember, how i loved that comment! ♥
    i can recommend you to try a toast with a thin layer of miso and avocado on top. oh that is yummy!

  8. Such a great series of photos!! Very cool. And yes! Loving that Autumn is here. Beautiful time of year.

  9. Love ALL the combinations that you had with the bread :)


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