feather my nest

This kookaburra woke us up. Can you see him? Sitting in the old gum tree .....
This oil print still for sale in my shop.
Afternoon sun, after the rain. Hand shadows like a black cockatoo. 
Matt's pineapple cake and creamy chaicinno.

Drawing Challenge: I think that I am hosting this week.
With the word...... TAIL.
All new drawers welcome. Let me know before Saturday if you are in and inspired by the word. X


  1. pineapple cake and chaicinno! sounds like music in my ears.
    and so do those australian names kookaburra and cockatoo! i loved those little things that made me feel down under for real when i was there.
    little subtle differences. like the flat white and byo policy. :)
    need to come back at some point!

  2. kookaburra!
    I remember that one!!

    it is all so looking good
    the weather, the coffee and that cake!
    someday I will come down under

    tail, nice word
    but not for me this week
    or the week after

    'see' you later!!

  3. Dear Jasmin,
    I have to translate those word with a dictionary... I'm in. Yes, Honey, many pictures are buzzing in my head...first photos, as always, and...I'm in.
    Like the pic "Hand shadows like a black cockatoo" a lot. Delicious atmoshere.
    And I fell in love with "Bird Whispers To Girl"...
    x Ariane

  4. Hi Jasmin

    found your blog link on Etsy! Your photos are awesome!! I love love love them!!
    And of course I became a follower!!

    Please also have a look at my blog, quiet not so beautiful as yours but I do my best ;)


    Thank you and have a wonderull day!!


  5. I´m in with a tail.

    must say I love all Your series of pics they´re like rich little stories!

    thanks for sharing.

  6. ...and all around the night sang out like cockatoos..
    a tail she says?
    i'm in!
    and love that print <3

  7. jasmin
    well i don't know where you found me, but here i am... ha ha ha... (like a little devil a-poppin'; i dunno).
    i like your style too, miss, very laid back, but with a message. i always find that combo fascinating.
    so, yeah, in the meantime i read about the new theme, and there's a nice bit of coincidence involved, again. will post about it. on saturday. meaning i'm in on the tail.
    looking forward (and onward) n♥

  8. Count me in for TAIL!
    There's my favorite bird!

  9. I would love to join the tail challenge please!

  10. I will add you all to the TAIL list.

    Sara and Patrice please come back to visit australia!

    Sweet Mel - lovely to meet you and what a lovely comment. Always nice to meet new people here.


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