Old books and a new idea hatching for me...
This morning was noisy out on the balcony. A crowing currawong in the tree, can you see him here?
A clutch of cockatoos. A gathering of kookaburras. Last year a baby pigeon hatched out here.
Not bad for a tiny balcony in a big city.
It seems that I like birds so much more than I thought.
Please visit my new etsy shop to see.
Many thanks to the eloquent Elisabeth for this week's ornithological word.
Please fly over to her place for more bird watching.


  1. well hello cute Jasmin!
    your porch looks so warm and relaxing.You remind me of Picasso working al fresco!
    I just love your free dynamic style especially with delicious black india ink! mmmmm.
    Picasso again!
    that owl is the best owl portrait ever.
    come fly on over to my place to see my birdies!

  2. lady bird,
    your wings will take you high, higher!
    these series are beautiful. the exotic names and the feel to them. you are connecting us with down under!

  3. lovely balcony!
    lovely you!
    beautiful drawings
    your lines....
    I want to make a linocut
    maybe I will

  4. Good evening little birds.

    Stephanie Swallowtail - how are you? yes, i remembered my black ink.
    liquid velvet.
    you spoil me with the Picasso comments Madame Chagall!

    Sarah Swift - you know, i didn't even realize the exoticness of the birds' names here. now i am very aware of them!

    Patrice Peacock - thank you lovely you too - and how do i get my hands on one of your pigeons??

  5. want to swap?
    a pigeon for a Jasmin-bird?....

    good night!

  6. sweet little owl there! I have always wanted to see a kookaburra. I sang the gumtree song when I was little. So nice to see everyone sharing these bird impressions. Thank you.

  7. Dear Jasmin,
    the names of the birds sounds very exotic for me!
    Your inky birds are so fresh and so very light...they seems to start flying ... otherwise they are so hand-tame and pick some food out of your drawinghand... very peaceful.

  8. i think the prettiest thing in these photos is you, jasmin!
    but i do love how you chose to use the old books and that thick black ink and strong lines. birds inspire , dont they!

  9. Patrice Peachface - I think that sounds like a plan!!

    Welcome 'Justahumblebirdsandthebees'. Kookaburras are gorgeous. Hearing one laugh is great too.

    Avarian Arianne and Rachel Redbreast - I really enjoyed this week's word. I have been very inspired yes. Thanks again for your lovely words.
    I still need to visit your drawings.... getting there.....
    And who has a word for next week?? xx

  10. yes, yes, coincidence. always.
    am loving above comments too!
    i will be the repeating echo the, shall i?
    till saturday, friend bird.

  11. Nadine Nightingale!
    Glad you could fly by.

  12. I discover your birds now! How beautiful!

  13. Oh ElisabethEaglewings, I am late to see some birds too! I'm so glad you made it over.


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