The drawing challenge this week is hosted by the sweet and funky Rachel.
She is living in New Orleans at the moment.
A place that I have never been to - but I am sure I would feel right at home.
I drew on some photos on my phone screen - so they are very rough.
Unseen rhythm - in our earphones, coming out of the soles of our feet, coming out of us, filling up the city.


  1. very nice
    very spontaneous that inner ear world that only you can hear that twitches in the soles of your feet threatening to burst forth.

  2. so creative!
    great technique and rhythm......
    I just want to dance...

  3. makes me think of that 90's song 'rhythm is a dancer'
    :) used to love it as a kid.
    and rhythm is a great thing. to feel, to search for, to find.
    enjoy your sunday, like those matches!

  4. dear Jasmin, this is great!
    I can féél the rhythm
    want to move
    with the beat in my ear

  5. oh i like your interpretation of rhythm, especially the pretty wild person on the last picture. try my best to be in the next drawing challenge...
    lots of love, julia

  6. There is music in the air!
    Wow, dear Jasmin, you absorbed the rhythm of NOLA I think. Make me want to dance...Great work! You seems to be very brave and free!

  7. goodmorning!
    Yesterday and this morning too, I have wandered through your blogworld and I think I am in love....
    As I told you before, I visited Australia once, still missing it and planning a trip. If I ever come to Australia I will come to Sydney too, for sure!
    My day just started, the kids will go to school and I have to work. But with the Australian summer in my head!!


  8. did you get my comment? i wrote one...maybe it didnt get through. boo hoo.
    i'll write another later when children arent climbing on my back.

  9. Thank you all. The drawing challenges are always so inspiring.

    Sara - re. the matches - I have always thought that these iconic boxes were australian made. They are made in SWEDEN! like you.

    Patrice - The feelings are very mutual. I am totally infatuated with your blogland too. Funny that you have the Australian summer in your head while I fill my own imagination with your part of the world.
    Yes - Sydney should definitely be high on your list!


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