for lilli

and for Norwegian Wood Little Red Riding Hood (who is beaming out of the 3rd pic here).
Gigi, when she was 5 beams out of the 2nd (an early ballet concert).
An oil by me at the top.
And something to watch and listen to at the bottom.... x


  1. Jasmin - you are too sweet, and kind, and thoughtful. I like you. And I love the painting, and so does the Little Riding Hood here. We have watched this post, I don't know how many times now. She loves your paintings! She sits all quiet on my lap and just watches. Makes me want to ask you if they are very, very prizy? Gigi is more than adorable :)))

  2. lilli is a lucky girl!!
    I love the painting too:)

  3. oh, I think that we will all have to meet up for a cup of tea.
    but where?
    which country is in between?
    Africa.... the Seychelles........

    i am going to open an online shop soon i am going to open an online shop soon i am going to open an online shop soon - there, i have chanted it into cyberspace - you are my witnesses - i can't chicken out now.
    and not now, not yet, but one day i would like to be very very prizy.....x

  4. I found your blog from the comments section in Lilli's blog .. am halfway through reading it but really enjoying it.

    Am happy I found 2 blogs today which are really unique :)

  5. hello Emma! so nice to hear from an ozzie.
    please do come back - my door's always open....

  6. Hope you do, Jasmin, and hope I will be your first customer. Little red riding hood will choose :)


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