It seems that we all want a pair of our own.
Literally - to fly to places that we dream of, without having to just dream.
Figuratively - to soar, in all sorts of ways, in our minds, goals and hearts.
If you had wings you could glide, drift, show off, fly away...
Funnily, I think of blogging like flying a little bit. A way to travel in and out of the lives of others, through their open windows to settle there for a moment, unfurl my wings, collect pollen and look for the next flower.
We are all bees and butterflies, birds and secret angels.
Here is a list of more wonderful winged creatures: Patrice, Ariane, Rachel, Nadine, Renilde, Julia, Maria. Please visit them, they are a talented and thoughtful flock. I have been lifted up by their winged art! Let me know if you want to be added to the list.
Above are cicada wings collected at christmas and some details of some of my prints. This is a work in progress, I have more wingy things that I want to draw, but the weekend came and made me lazy and inspired all at once.... x


  1. jasmin, i just can't stop staring at the brilliancy of these chicada wings, as much so the live ones, as your graphic and other impressions. i am quite taken by your applications.
    i want to thank you too, for your kindness in words, and for calling us insects and birds (tee hee), well at least possessors of wings....

  2. Are those creatures for real?? Amazing and so prehistoric. Your prints are great, especially the girl with those pretty lips!
    I love flying to your window, too, Jasmin. Always a pleasure. Your land and environment look so different. It's refreshing.

  3. I LOVE IT ALL!!
    the cicadas
    there beautiful, beautiful wings
    (like Rachel wondering: are they for real?)
    and your work!
    the lines, the figure, the movement, the....
    god I wish I could explain in Dutch to you!!

    and thank you for your fine warm words
    I love flying through your open window
    and hope you will keep visiting mine


  4. Dear Jasmin, i worked 'till the early morning hours and looking at your beautiful cicada wings make me think of the south of France and i feel happy and peaceful.
    There is a kind of serenity in this post and i love the movement in that last print.
    Thanks for the very inspiring theme, x

  5. Dear jazzy Jasmin,
    love these post.
    There is a kind of straightness in your work in progress. Those brilliance and your eye for proportion and colour... wow.
    Thank you for beeing/getting on a roll,

  6. dear jasmin, can't believe that these touching beautiful cicadas are real, would love to have one, or two... your drawings are so tenderly and fragile. want to thank your for the theme, it made me think a lot.

  7. that's a great way of putting it, blogging! and beautiful, those prints and that bewinged lady. you probably can't say that. but still...

  8. Sweet Jasmin,
    do you know who will be our next host? Theme?

    x Ariane.

  9. dear mermaid, its me again... ariane asked me to be the host for the THIS week drawing challenge, the word is: BODY
    so please come over and sign in!
    xx, julia

  10. What a great word... hmmm.... BODY ... it will be interesting to see what we all come up with won't it?

    Yes, these creatures, cicadas, ARE VERY REAL, and are a big part of the Australian summer. There are also pure black ones called 'Black Princes' and bright green ones too. I knew that they were special but not quite how exotic they are. I will look at them differently this summer when they start to sing. x


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