drawing this week

Cicadas. I love them.
They sleep in the ground all year and emerge when it's hot and sing to us all through summer.

Anyone else interested in joining the Drawing Challenge this week?
Let me know if you would like to participate.
The subject is WINGS. . . will yours be feathered, transparent or falling from heaven perhaps...?


  1. What an amazing creature! They look so -dare I say - alien :)
    I have been following these drawing challenges and love seeing all the different interpretations :)

  2. those chicadas almost look dangerous, but i'm guessing they're not, holding them close to the face like that...

    my drawing might be all but feathered, and a little on the big side, it was too funny where the challenge blew me to.
    so, my turn in wondering..
    what will your wings be like?

  3. Dear Jasmin,
    the wings of a cicada are just pretty and amazing.
    I've published my wings... it was/is a wonderful flight, thank you!
    xo Ariane.

  4. dearest JazzyJasmin

    I have posted my wings
    and love your transparent ones!

  5. I look forward to visiting all of your winged masterpieces.

    And welcome Kristen - nice to know we have some followers out there :)


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