time 8

Where did the last 13 years go?
Happy Birthday my darling girl.
Soul. Heart. Wings.
(both photos not taken by me)


  1. oh my! is it your daughter's birthday the 9th?
    so is mine! she is a little mermaid! incredible photo of her arrival and what a beauty today. gorgeous girls, the both of you.
    my little girl is 16 today. SIXTEEN! where did it go? it seems now that our time is limited, whereas before it was the endless future of being her mom, being together. bittersweet.
    i'll post about her after i get through this party for 114 + teenage guests at my house today. OYE!

  2. What a beautiful girl you have! I can see your mother's intensity in her eyes.
    And her birth in a warm pool of water, what a peaceful way to enter the world. I can see you've been a thoughtful and loving mother from the beginning.
    Thank you for sharing with us that intimate moment with your daughter. It comes at a time when I am increasingly frustrated with the nature of birth in the US.
    It's so nice to see and know that there are babies being born this way.
    How empowering and life changing for you.
    Congratulations and love to you, your daughter, and the entire family that was so blessed 13 years ago!

  3. Oh my God,
    dear Jasmin... wonderful, give birth to Gigi (what an intimate picture!)
    all the best for Gigi... 'Happy Birthday' pretty young teen!
    And Happy Birthday to you as her mother.
    Love love

  4. Love the first photo - when I was a student nurse, I saw two babies being born and it was the most amazing experience of my life. Lovely that it was a natural water birth too.

    Happy birthday to a pretty young lady :)

  5. ohhh i am in awe...such beauty...these pictures bring tears to my eyes...brave jasmin, i wished for a birth like this - beautiful young jasmin - and now, 13 years later, beautiful young gigi...

    love & beauty in abundance!!
    happy birthday too, gigi, looking forward to seeing you soooon,


  6. wauw....

    happy birthday dear Gigi
    and to you JazzyJasmin
    13 years
    time flies....


  7. happy birthday gigi,
    what a gorgeous girl she is!
    i am so excited to see that you gave birth in this pool, and was it at home?
    thanks for sharing!

  8. so beautiful!
    your baby, you, your words and your 13 years old daughter!
    i´m a granny already, my grandchildren are 15 and 9!

  9. Waht a beautiful girl you have!And i read that her name is Gigi..that's also gorgeous :)

  10. so much beauty in every way! i am totally touched and speechless.
    big hug, julia

  11. he you!
    where are you?
    every time you silence is a bit longer
    I wonder....

    the blog 16 house
    shows an apartment building in
    it looks soooo Dutch
    it could be Amsterdam
    it made me think of you
    and Sydney
    and me wanting to be there
    down under....


  12. Happy birthday to a beautiful gorgeous girl!

  13. Wow and wow again; i'm touched, happy birthday to your lovely daughter, x


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