The Bride this weekend has a similar flower inked to her body as the ones in my monoprint here.

My lovely friend Julia has hosted this week's drawing challenge.
You MUST visit her blog to see the most exquisite paintings - showgirls standing on the heads of walruses, fractured fairy tale imagery, bright reds and peppermint greens with translucent whites. Figures, animals, trees and patterns. I love her work.


  1. magical!
    the picture and the drawing

    your drawings reminds me of Picasso
    the strong lines
    the look on her face
    great work Jasmin

  2. I love your art Jasmin, in this monoprint you made rainbow colours work; the photo, light and dark and light on skin, must be one of the loveliest bride photos i saw in a long time.x

  3. So very beautiful. Thank you for this! :)

  4. i'm actually quite intrigued by the numbers on that woman's breasts. there's probably a story there... :)

  5. The photo and the drawing are both beautiful!
    I like the contrast of the colorful flowers next to the black strong lines..

  6. absolutely magical and very sexy too, dear mermaidsister! of course i remembered your birthday picture and went there again, really similar, but thats now surprise in many ways! i really wish that we can see us one day for real... my body painting is 100 cmx100cm on canvas, the lady is not green, her skin is more grey, do you want that painting for a swap? big hug, julia


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