everyday life

The drawing challenge this week is hosted by the ever ebullient elisabeth.
She is responsible for these weekly drawing meets in cyber space. We are all grateful to her for this. 
A weekly routine which keeps a few us connected in our every day imaginations.
We should all welcome more art and connectedness into our everydaybusylives.

This is a water colour collage of a werewolf and his wife. a cup of tea. the newspaper. and the moon.
Calm before the storm. The every day, but with secrets. This is a theme I want to explore more.
Every day.


  1. OH! it's a werewolf!!! i love it and want to see more of this :)

  2. i can very well imagine. the exploration part. funny, i didn't perceive him to be a werewolf, but perhaps him and me are family.
    i do am amazed by the positioning.
    i also love this inspirational part of your wall.

  3. Great and inspirational drawing/painting/collage. I especially like the expression of the man - the werewolf. What kind of news is he reading? Is he reading out loud? Upset or not? :)

    I've thought about working more with collage and I even bought some old books to cut in, but I haven't taken the time to get started yet. Maybe this was the inspiration I needed... Thanks!

    I also like the last picture, showing an exciting corner where I'd love to sit and cut in those books!

  4. Oh Jasmin, i love your flowing style, the space in your work, very, very nice. Love your wall too, x

  5. i jazzy! i am struck with graphic giddiness upon first glance! your style is clear and cool and bold and alive.

  6. jazzy jasmin!
    you swing sister.
    the calm before or after the storm? either or, the storm comes and goes.
    and everyday is full of secrets indeed.


  7. Dear Jasmin,
    first I thought I see my father... behind the newspaper, grumbling, and my mother with grey thoughts... the everyday with secrets.
    Wonderful collage, I'm enamoured! And your wall shows a really free mind.

    And I'm glad you're in for the next week's drawing challenge... with theme: BALANCE.


  8. I love your quick line
    and like the collage
    but the wall....
    so fine!


  9. Haha, this really illustrates perfectly how one can feel in everdays (womans) life and I'm sure many can sympazise with it, if the werewolf has a beard or not!

  10. Thanks everyone, lovely to get your comments.

    I have a thing for werewolves. Iconic, mythic, wild.
    I saw an Italian film years ago where a woman was married to one and had to lock him out of their tiny house every full moon.

    Nice to see you here Barbara!


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