time 7

Old polaroids.
My mother, my daughter and I.
Stella, Gigi, Jasmin.
We are from the same tree but have flowered in very different ways.


  1. what a beautiful images!
    your mother!!

    I am trying to shorten my to-do-list
    and I try not to be on the internet too much
    but can not resist your blog world
    or the world
    of the other ladies of the drawing circle

    miss you all
    I think I need
    just one more week
    to get less stressed
    one more....

  2. wow.
    whenever i come to think of it, for different reasons, i mostly think we are so lucky to be women.
    there is something so unique in being one. *not that being a man wouldn't be*
    i am getting caught up in difficult arguments perhaps. anyhow. these three pictures of your three generations really speak to me this evening. wow. beautiful!

  3. Lovely old photos. The photo of your mum is adorable - she's so pretty in a 60s way with her headband, updo and cute dress. Your daughter is so sweet and you of course are gorgeous my dear.


  4. strong portraits, all of them.


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