... all the way from Germany!
From lovelier than lovely Ariane!! what a surprise, thank you Ariane.
Look at how pretty they are. And they smell like sweet roses, just like you imagine they would if you knew Ariane and her blog. In fact it is like her blog has suddenly become three dimensional.

I have a growing list of wonderful women that I would like to send things to...


  1. Oh my! Ariane is so very talented. Her delicate nature shows through in her work. (I'm assuming she made them.)
    What a wonderful gift...and a perfect time of year for you to receive them!

  2. they are gorgeous!
    again, the spiderweb.
    ariane has such a gentle touch. your collection is becoming beautiful, with the pigeons from patrice.

  3. I am jealous!
    really jealous....

    Ritva has the same
    in her house
    lying everywhere
    they are
    so, so beautiful

  4. Dear Jasmin,
    oh, I'm very happy the doilies has arrived you and you like them! And isn't it fabulous? you've pictured them
    very pretty... the effect in the last pic is gorgeous! Wonderful thread is spanning around the world...
    xo Ariane.

  5. The doilies are so pretty, Ariane is so talented, what a wonderful gift.....

  6. Ariane - did you make these????!! If so, I didn't know!
    Thank you again dear.
    Rachel - it is perfect timing.
    Sara - Yes there is a lovely web spinning around us all and I am getting quite a collection. So grateful. I will send you something too when I get round to it.
    Patrice - I can just imagine Ritva surrounded by all things snowflakey.
    Citlalli - you have changed your blog name.

    love to all

  7. Nonono noo, I didn't made them! An old lady (older than me...), a pity I don't no her name, from Hannover/Germany, made them!!
    Cheers to you all...
    Herzlich, Ariane.

  8. :)
    these are veyrvery delicate!
    lucky you! a great gift!

    and you ladies, you are nice :)


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