time 6

She has always loved rabbits.


  1. That first photo is fantastic! Her expression, clutching that bunny!
    11 years...a long time to dance. I can imagine your sadness as she makes this shift. But what a good mother you are to let her follow her heart and make the change when she was ready. LA is full of backstage moms that try to live their dreams through their children and don't even SEE their children and the kids are negatively affected, it grosses me out.
    You, Dear Jazzy are a model mama and obviously have a beautiful relationship with your girl. Your cute, now big girl, and her bunnies.

  2. i am struck by the openness in image #1, all while your girl's expression feels so intimate... very peculiar.
    a treasure (both image and daughter). ;)

  3. those eyes!
    as Nadine said
    a treasure, image and daughter

    and what about dancing
    did she stop?


  4. jazzy Jasmin
    where are you?

    I miss you....

  5. Thank you for visiting. Where would this journey be without you?

    Patrice, I miss being here too, and you, and the drawing challenges etc. Thanks for asking where i've been, even though i'm not quite sure where.

    Nadine, I love her expression here too.

    Rachel, thank you so much for your kind, thoughtful words. They mean a lot.


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