Is anyone else having trouble with blogger....? i can't post anything!


  1. Mm Picasso! i must be having trouble with blogger because i heartily commented on many of your posts only to find they didn't make it! :( but here's the awesome part, you've been on my mind and then i wake up to see you've left me a bunch! where'd mine go?!
    They went something like this...I love your blue inky art, thank you for taking me back to Oz, Glorious Gum Trees maake me smile and your art makes me want to run away and set up shop on a rooftop terrace in Spain. hope you can get this and come join the flock!

  2. Hello Stephanie! how are you? I didn't receive any of those comments. So frustrating! I can't post a thing!! Is anyone else having trouble with theirs?
    But on another note - a rooftop studio in Spain? - sounds good to me!

  3. is your landline fast enough? i've had the same trouble in the past. turned out our 'pysical' phoneline was terribly outdated. fixed in a whiff (by the technician, of course) and speedo back... check it!
    next week's theme on my blog!


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