I wish I could read mine in the sediment of my green tea...


  1. I love your plate to the right there, so pretty!

    Hope you had a nice afternoon tea :)

  2. oh beautiful jasmin,
    these little links like spiderwebs through the enormous space between australia and the middle east.
    while taking pictures in my kitchen the other day, and photographing my red beets before and after eating them, i thought exactly the same, what if i could read my fortune in these pink patterns of beet juice....

    and your comment made me think a lot.
    lately i am striving towards intimate relationships with those around me. i prefer the depth and the risk of that to staying on the surface. so i am trying to challenge myself to ask the things i want to ask. and to say the things i want to say. honesty. even when it is difficult.
    and it made me curious, what keeps you from asking your friends these questions?
    maybe try to ask them? perhaps it will open up new dimensions?

    wish you a lovely day
    with tea and sweets and all that jazz

  3. Dear Jazz,
    '...starting...all sails are claped...into the west...keep progress, even if the wind comes from the front.'
    x Ariane.

  4. Emma, it is a lovely tin plate bought at the markets in Bali.

    Sara, you are a wise wise woman.

    And Ariane, you are an intuitive one.

  5. mmmm....
    my fortune
    would I like to know?
    I do not know
    I try to take it day by day
    just today
    and see the beauty of what is
    although I am very impatient
    so, with the accent on try!

  6. i can't read it either, but i do love the waves...
    waves. dear?

  7. Prettiness, depth, sailing, patience, beauty, waves... is what your comments have revealed here..... i'm happy with that! x


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