pigeon love

This gorgeous piece of art has flown all the way from the Netherlands.
From Patrice's house and heart to mine.
Thank you so much! I am so touched. These photos don't do it justice.
It is so beautifully made from paper and wire and the paint is exquisite.
I loved it when I saw it here.
It is gifts like these that make the other people in our sweet blog world very real indeed. x


  1. What a treat..so it was your day when it arrived!

  2. i actually find your photos to be fascinating! n♥

  3. It's wonderful! First I thought it was a real pigeon and admired your fantastic colours. Then I read the text and was amazed by Patrice once again. She's indeed talented! And the package - an artwork in itself!

  4. how lovely it is to receive surprises. of all kinds. patrice has beauty in her fingers.
    just like you.
    the pigeon is linking that together.

  5. the photos do it justice!!
    it looks so right
    it fits your home
    homing pigeon ;))
    and I am glad it came out like this
    looking at the package....


  6. wow, lucky you!
    it´s so nice to both give and receive!
    beautiful bird in a beautiful home :)

  7. Ingrid - nice to see you here. It did cheer my day up a lot. I needed it too.
    Nadine - thank you!
    Elisabeth - It does look real and then all painterly - all at once. And you know it all has come about because of the drawing challenge and your 'bird' word.
    Sara - i love your words. always.
    PATRICE - yes, it arrived safe and happy! It keeps nesting in different places...
    Ritva - yes, so lucky. hugs back.

  8. Wow, lucky you, dear Jasmin and dear Patrice.
    Its art! Gracious art! Simply loving art...
    xo Ariane.


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