I am quite late with last week's drawing challenge post, hosted by Nadine.
These hand prints are Gigi's when she was 4.
And her art work has soared ever since.
This week she painted this in the style of Joy Hester.
One of my favourite Australian artists. It makes my heart glad to know that they are teaching students about this passionate, bold and until recent times little known female artist.
I posted about her here too....


  1. thanks for sharing, jasmin love. i've just added yours to our list of hands, and am of course looking forward to next encounters!

  2. by the way, sweet, i don't seem to have your e-mail address, so i'm posting this here. i never remembered there was this woolf scene in moonstruck (agree - top film, also on my personal list). i am so chuffed! i think i'm going to watch it again, tonite. can do with some tlc. thank you for the links, baby. X
    there, i've just watched the link you enclosed and now i'm crying. and thank you.

  3. Nadine, i'm so glad you watched it. such a wonderful piece of writing.


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