I have been away. again.
To the snowy mountains.
In the winter we have to drive 6 hours to get to the snow. 
This is the way. No snow yet.
I could watch this landscape rush by all day.


  1. that landscape
    so, so beautiful!!!!

    of your beautiful country
    the colours, the sky,
    the smell, the warmth


    I was with you
    in your car
    and enjoyed it
    sóoooo much

  2. I love that drive too Jazzy! What a shame they took the fireplace away, I can't even bear thinking on it...

  3. the video looks surreal, wow, it makes me consider visiting Australia:). just found your blog and love what I see, will stop by more often.

  4. How great would it be if you were in the car Patrice? The colours and the rock! My video really hasn't shown just how beautiful it is. Love to you.

    Welcome and thank you Asih, nice to see you here - and yes the landscape is surreal. Quite striking.

    HAWKINS!! you made my day seeing this comment - you little groover - how are you? We must travel to the snow together soon don't you think? (i can't believe they took the fireplace away either, but come to Matt's place and we can make jaffles in his fire, and toast marshmallows too) xxxx


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