You can find it scratched into an old railing. Or in a big city surrounded by the sea.
In the big and the little.
Or in this week's drawing challenge hosted by Rachel who has a lovely heart and blog bursting with it.
Much love


  1. oh yes! there it is, and the sea too! :)
    Love your artwork and the colours are perfect in this post <3

  2. Seeing all these carved initials gives me an idea. My true love and I have our initials all over our high school, but wouldn't it be nice to renew them, somewhere not like high school.
    you and your beau look so happy. your drawing is so sweet. i like the eyes drifting to the side...

  3. P + K
    and the sea
    the sea!

    love it all

  4. Love is in the air, in the water; I can feel the fire between you, bringing heavenly love down to earth, wonderful!
    Lovely Jasmin,
    your painting!
    Her hair style shaped like a heart, her eyes: true allure, him, his lips glues to hers, blossoming flowers.
    Love. Great.
    xo Ariane.

  5. Welcome Maria, and thank you. do come again.

    Rachel, (i corrected the spelling of your name) did you marry your high school sweetheart??! i love those stories. do tell us more.

    Patrice, yes the sea! and who is K?

    Ariane, i think it nice to have every element involved don't you? air, water, fire, earth.....

    i will visit you all in the morning.
    lovely dreams. x

  6. Yes, dear Jasmin,
    LOVE is elementary...
    ♥ Ariane.

  7. K is my love
    such a Dutch name!

    and yes
    I am getting lots done
    but no
    no relaxing time
    it is stressful
    just too much to do
    in to little time
    the story of my (working)life
    but I am getting there
    and maybe
    we will sail tomorrow


    p.s. love your owl
    and other work
    small is fine too
    do not worry!

  8. Dear Jasmin, i do love your love and blue, that painting is so very beautiful!

  9. i love the build up to your etching (?) just as much as the result itself. the colours are amongst my favourites. i find you have caught something really initmate and warm here. it must be the love...
    ps - word verification for the day? 'hello'. too funny...

  10. jasmin
    you are a lovely woman
    which makes me pretty sure also your man is a lovely man!

    oh what a topic....
    lately i have very mixed feelings towards it.
    the most powerful fuel we know.

  11. Big Love to you all - Patrice, Renilde, Nadine, Sara - it is quite a lovely little circle that we have going here....

  12. Lovely painting, colors, pictures, craved initials.... Everything inspires love!
    Beautiful post!

  13. so much going on in the world...that i wanted to see something beautiful ...so i checked in with you jazzy...and it (your post) was love...
    perfect! xx

  14. Thank you Citlalli!

    Cathy - hello baby cakes - how are you ? any love stories to tell? I get so excited when I see a message from you. My ONLY real life friend that comments here. It's so nice. I'll be seeing you soon ......x


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