Goodbye Summer


  1. It's so funny how you are saying goodbye as we are saying welcome! :)

    Exactly how cold does it get where you live? Do you have to wear hats and mittens? (I must sound so silly, it's just that I really can't imagine there being anything else but steaming hot sun in Australia...) :D

  2. goodbye winter.
    how fascinating it is to me that we have the opposite seasons. can't really grasp it.

    enjoy this internal season. it can do wonders.

  3. Dear Sara and Ansku - every year I try and psyche myself into the cold - I don't think I'm made for it. But indoorsy cosy is nice. Blankets, soups, toast and tea. Wooly hats and toe socks. Fireplace too! What I love here though is that our winters have bright blue skies and the sun still shines. So, we don't get as cold as you over there, that side of the planet, but I still wear mittens when needed! xx


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