Listen to the birds.
They can hear the trees.
Listen to me. Whispering.
I will tell you soft butterflies.
Ones that last longer than a day.

These are hand printed monoprints, done with oil paint.
They are drying as we speak.
All for my etsy shop.

Please visit my cherished bloggie friends for more whispers....
And new this week: Patrice, Char and Julia.
Most are on the other side of the world - so they won't post their drawings until tomorrow australian time.


  1. whisper sweet little nothings in my ear.
    where is that from again?
    i feel inspired by all these talented people i meet in the blogsphere.
    love and a beautiful saturday!

  2. ... shame on me, i din't draw, but made a mountain whisper out of clay.
    love your prints! hugs, julia

  3. dear Jasmin,
    it is on my weblog, my soft and gentle whisper!
    so different from your colourful prints....

    fine weekend,
    Patrice A.

  4. Jasmin, dear, thats magic!
    We are on the same wave... have a look at Milady Stephanie, too... wonderful.
    Love your prints. Its also an expression...
    Like the positive/negative contrast of the butterflies very much. And the colour of the faces from the lovers.
    ♥ Ariane.

  5. impressed, here! i'm loving the process.

  6. oooh! what strong textures for your whisper. I love especially the second to last. and i'm so impressed by your process. and yes, amazing how we all seem to be riding the same wave, so to speak.

    i would love to host next week if no one has volunteered. if so , maybe the following week.

  7. just beautiful Jazz just got up and ate toast whilst enjoying the whispers mine wont be ready for a couple of days yet lets just say the process is slightly epic and Im loathe to trade it in on a less enterprising idea. So hopefully you will all be patient with me. Your style is very delicious for my eyes to feast on love love love the poem too butterflies in my ears are exactly what my 4 yr old niece's whispers are like.

  8. I totally love your colours. You make me so inspired I believe I might have to paint before even having breakfast. I was a little late with my contribution to the drawing challenge this week, but I finally made it. And I feel like hosting next time (I have a word echoing in my head), if nobody else already has chosen a theme.
    Love, Elisabeth

  9. Now I notice Rachel wants to host, so I place myself in line and check with Rachel if she wants to pass the challenge to me the week after.

  10. Hey Jasmine
    got mine posted here http://objectsofwhimsy.blogspot.com/2011/03/drawing-challenge-whisper.html
    wanted to at least get your challenge posted before I take time out. Cheers Helen :)


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