time 5

Eight years between these photos and they are still the best of friends.


  1. Stunning girls. And I knew which one was your daughter when I saw her!

  2. so sweet!
    cant wait to see what you are going to print.
    xx julia, yes, with my own kilt and everything went well today...

  3. having a long time friend is the best. especially one that grows with you through childhood. they will always have a special bond. sweet.

  4. how special it is with friends that we've shared almost our entire life with them.

    how special it is with friends anyhow. also those we find later on our path.

  5. my girl Livvy is still BF's with her friend Linzi. They met when they were 4 and were pretty much inseperable even when we moved away to Tassie they still considered each other as BF's keeping in regular contact. Its lovely when children form lasting friendships

  6. Great!
    I moved a lot when I was young.
    But the friend I had when I was 15 is still one of my best friends, over 30 years now....

  7. Hello all.
    Friendship over Time. Very important.
    Makes me think of the friendships forming here in cyberspace.
    They are becoming important too.
    Regular voices and images in my head. Like a daily fix.
    Most of my 'flesh and blood' friends don't visit me here.
    Which sometimes makes me sad.
    Mostly because this is often the real me.
    And sometimes a big part of me.
    Hard to describe. Does anyone else feel this way .....?


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